When learning is easier,

life is better.

Our one-on-one, evidence-based brain training program helps
kids & adults with their focus, memory, and learning 

Who we can help

Attention Issues & ADHD 

Homework Struggles

Boosting Thinking Skills

Reading Problems & Dyslexia

Learning Disabilities

Adult Focus

Memory Decline

Traumatic Brain Injury

Kids & Students

needing a boost to enable faster processing and better retention


students and adults looking to maximize their potential 

Adults & Seniors

wanting to stay sharp


Creating the space where the Student feels comfortable
to discuss and work on their strengths and weaknesses

Unit 202 McKinley Park Residences
3rd Avenue cor. 31 Street, Bonifacio Global City
Call (02) 801 2475

Shared stories, EXPERIENCES

“When I started BrainRx,
I noticed that I was able to finish faster and calculate efficiently. Before I started, I was not focused and could not concentrate due to things like people around me, etc. When I was in the process of BrainRx, the noises around me didn’t seem to matter or have affected anymore. Even if the challenges were challenging, they also taught me perseverance and courage towards difficult things. Each session was more challenging than the other, and it taught me that it isn’t about the destination, but it’s all about the journey.”

– Rafa, 10 

“My memory and hearing has  improved
day by day. I feel like my comprehension has significantly improved as well. This has helped me when reading to my daughter, too!”

– M, 37

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