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“BrainRx Philippines (by LearningRx USA) offers intense, one-on-one mental training that makes learning easier. Sounds intriguing, no? I’d like to share with you what we learned from them, as it may help your children succeed in school, and even in life.

It is interesting to know that learning issues or struggles can actually be caused by weak cognitive skills – these are the skills we use to learn, remember, problem-solve, and pay attention to new information. The combination of these skills influences the way you process this information, so that means even if one skill is weak, it has an overall effect on your ability to learn.” Read more.

Business Mirror: The Brain Expanders

“In 2014 I had a lot of things on my plate. From raising a young family, to having a ton of new responsibilities at work, I wanted to expand my capacity. Meagan was entering a ‘sponge’ stage in learning but lacked focus. Mel introduced me to BrainRx. Joy and Mel brought the program here from LearningRx USA. She said the program has been proven to improve memory, attention, comprehension and processing speed.

The expected effect, according to Mel, allowed people to process things more efficiently and with less effort. Joy would say it’s like a having a personal trainer for your mental gym.

Honestly, this is really what I felt after taking BrainRx. I felt my capacity stretching and my memory improving a lot. I think it’s also the reason I felt empowered to take on more responsibilities. Thanks also go to a great teacher, Joanna Go. She drilled me and shared valuable life lessons to my daughter and me. I’m very appreciative for the deeper realization that although BrainRx is supposed to be ‘brain stretching,’ it was actually a ‘life-enabler’ for me to now pursue my passions side by side with my work.” Read more.

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