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Shared experiences expressed to us by our dear students and their family, trainers, school teachers. Brain training has the power to improve the quality of life, not only in classrooms, but to connect more with people around them. 

Students ages 7 to 10 years old

“I read faster in English [now], and I don’t need to read a line over and over again to understand it. I also subtract faster. I’m the fastest in class when doing exercises that require memorization.”
 S, 8, St. Jude Catholic School

“F.’s improvements were a joy to watch. He started off relatively slow, and became faster when it comes to computing and answering. He also became significantly better in math. He has also shared that he remembers the answers to his teacher’s questions faster than his classmates.

– Trainer of F, British School Manila

“I find math easier, and follow instructions faster and easier. During a computer test, I thought my answers were wrong, but I pushed the ‘being scared’ feeling away, and got a perfect score. I was able to memorize a Bible verse in school, and got a perfect score in my Filipino and Mandarin exams in school!”

– C, 8, MGC New Life Christian Academy

“E was able to explain his teacher’s magnet concept during science class in his own words. It is easier to tutor him at home, and he even got all the answers for a reading comprehension worksheet correctly. I noticed that E. is already learning, and seems to get less confused with instructions on paper. He also became better in verbalizing his comprehension.

– Mom of 8-year-old, Xavier School

Watch this video testimonial of Dr. Lyn, a dermatologist and mom of two, on the improvements of her 9-year-old daughter, Isabella, after just 20 weeks with BrainRx.

“J. can absorb information and concepts faster while doing homework. Tutoring her at home has become faster and less frustrating because J. can grasp concepts by the second try.”

– Mom of 8-year-old J., Xavier School

“I noticed that I understand and remember things better like when I watched Sound of Music, I didn’t need my mom to explain the story. I am also reading faster and focusing better. In Enopi, it normally takes me an hour to finish four booklets, but now I am able to finish everything in half an hour!”

 – F,10, ICA Greenhills

“I feel like I am able to memorize things better in school. I was also able to anticipate my opponent’s next move while we were playing hide-and-seek in school. I was the first one to answer a game played in class when I’m normally not the first.  One day, I understood what the words written on Starcraft meant. I couldn’t read Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard before, but I enjoy it now!” 

– N, 10, International School Manila

“C is easier to teach now because he understands concepts faster. He can also read better, and doesn’t just look at the pictures anymore, like when reading comic books.
It’s also easier for him to do long division now!”

Mom of C, student with dyslexia and ADD

“I can recall tasks/chores better like taking  vitamins and brushing my teeth. I can comprehend questions and follow instructions better and faster, and understand better whenever I read Harry Potter. Doing multiplication and addition is easier now, too.”

–K, 10, from Davao vacationing in Manila

Students ages 11 to 13 years old

“I feel like I improved in math; I am now able to do math under pressure. I am also able to focus and work faster in math class even when there are distractions, like when the other students are screaming. I can now work/write essays under pressure, too, like when I was writing a report on marine life. I can even multitask and write while watching science shows!”

– S, 11, Everest Academy

“BrainRx was certainly a worthwhile exercise and something I would back. I have noticed an increase in my child’s academic performance and this was reflected in my child’s being above expected levels in most subjects in the assessments.” 

– Dad of 11-year old, British School Manila

“I now enjoy reading, and have an easier time answering my math homework – I was able to get all the items in my math exercises correct, and even finished first in my math tests for two consecutive days. Because of that, I am able to help two of my other classmates as well.”

– G., British School Manila

“He came home several times telling me he had finished his classwork first and was sometimes even helping the other students. He was very proud of himself as he had always struggled in Math in particular. After talking to some of his teachers, they had noticed he was putting his hand up in class a lot more and was indeed more confident. I highly recommend the BrainRx system to any child whether they are struggling or not with schoolwork.”

 – Mom of 12-year old G, British School Manila

Students ages 14 to 18 years old

“For some reason, I can now understand more heavy metal screamo and deathcore music. Before, I could only pick up a few words, but now I understand every word.”

– D, 14, British School Manila

“It was a pleasant surprise to see Paolo picking up a book and reading instead of playing video games like he used to. Before BrainRx, we would get into a discussion before he would grudgingly read. I attribute his sudden interest in reading to the BrainRx program. His improved reading comprehension translated to other areas in his life. From 1’s and 2’s (out of 5), his grades went up to 3’s and 4’s with a recent 5 in Math – a subject he had the most difficulty with before. I don’t need to tutor him anymore at home as he studies on his own now. Our relationship is better. I see a lot of difference in him – even his teachers, too. It’s as if a switch in him was turned on. This is really worth a parent’s time and effort specially if you see your child struggling in some aspect in school.”
– Rus, father of Paolo, 15 years old

“We noticed that C’s self-confidence greatly improved at the end of his training. He also became noticeably faster in processing information, and more eloquent in verbal expression. His attention, focus, and listening skills improved significantly!”

– Trainer of 16-year old C, Xavier School,
took BrainRx in preparation for university

“C is an honor student, but she has verbalized difficulty in studying (i.e. constantly re-reading parts from long sections, and ends up spending too much time). We have seen significant improvement in her comprehension skills after her 6 months with BrainRx. She analyses things even better now. C’s self-confidence also improved a lot that she was even able to teach math in front of ther classmates! Her trainer was very supportive. C realized her potential and believe in herself more. We have always known that she is capable and equipped, and BrainRx gave her that little nudge that she needed to believe that herself. Thank you, BrainRx!” 

– Mom of C, 16, ICA Greenhills

Adults over 18 year old 

“My memory and hearing has improved day by day. I feel like my comprehension has significantly improved as well. This has helped me when reading to my daughter, too!”

– M, 37
marketing and communications professional,
MBA student

“I realized that I tend to panic and get distracted when I am not able to solve the task at hand. With the training sessions [at BrainRx], I learned to deal with that, and hopefully, be able to apply it at work
and in my everyday life.

I have also been encouraged to read more from time to time. I know for a fact that this is something I never did when I was a kid, but I learned that it can be learned and formed as a habit with constant reminder to self and being more mindful of what you want to do.”

  – Joey, Student, 40 years old

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